Alikhan Smailov: Kazakhstan fully self-sufficient in bread

The preliminary results of the harvesting campaign were considered at the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.

As reported by the Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev, the total harvested area of crops this year amounted to 23.4 million hectares. The area of grain harvesting is 16.1 million hectares.

According to him, favorable weather conditions allowed to spend most of the harvesting campaign without downtime. As a result, 15.4 million hectares of crops and leguminous plants have been harvested, which is 96.3% of the total harvesting area. At an average yield of 13.0 c/ha, 20.1 million tons of grain have been threshed.

By crops it is harvested: 12.6 million hectares of wheat, 1.4 million hectares of oilseeds, 164.5 thousand hectares of potatoes and 149.6 thousand hectares of vegetable crops.

The Minister stressed that the projected gross harvest of socially important crops will meet the domestic demand of the republic. Favorable conditions of the current year had positive effect on quality of harvest.

Akims of Akmola region Yermek Marzhikpayev, Kostanay region Archimed Mukhambetov, North-Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov also made their reports.

Having heard the speakers, the Prime Minister said that to date the harvesting work is almost completed, and the volume of crops is expected to exceed the annual average. In particular, it is planned to harvest over 18 million tons of grain crops.

"The next task is to ensure the safety of the harvest. There should be a clear distribution of volumes to cover domestic demand and meet export obligations. As you can see, this year Kazakhstan fully provided itself with bread," Alikhan Smailov said.

Prime Minister also noted the positive dynamics of productivity: last year the average yield was 9.8 c/ha, and today it is 13 c/ha, which is 30% higher.

"This is the result of the fruitful work of our agricultural workers. In this regard, I would like to congratulate all farmers, who are engaged in this field, and thank you for your hard work," he said.

Prime Minister instructed to ensure a complete and high-quality completion of harvesting work in the shortest possible time, to prevent deterioration of grain quality, and to take measures for its uninterrupted transportation.

"Akims of the regions need to keep a constant control of the timeliness of receipt of crops by elevators. It is also important to ensure the filling of the seeds in the full need for the harvest in 2023," Alikhan Smailov concluded.

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