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Local budget revenue plans overfulfilled in all regions — Yerulan Zhamaubayev

Monday, 12 April 2021, 11:39:27

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, the results of the country's socio-economic development and the execution of the republican budget for the first quarter of this year were discussed. Minister of Finance Yerulan Zhamaubayev made a report on the execution of state finances for the reporting period.

So, according to him, the indicators of the execution of public finances following the results of the first quarter of this year were as follows.

The state budget received revenues totaling 2 trillion 219 billion tenge, or the plan was fulfilled by 111.4%.

The republican budget received revenues in the amount of 1 trillion 351 billion tenge or the plan was fulfilled by 101.2%.

In general, the income plan was exceeded by 16 billion tenge.

Of these, taxes were not fulfilled by 5 billion tenge, non-tax revenues were exceeded by 20 billion tenge. The bulk of the tax defaults is attributable to VAT on domestic goods and CIT.

“Revenues of local budgets were executed by 132.1% and amounted to 868 billion tenge. The plan was exceeded by 211 billion tenge, of which taxes — by 189 billion tenge. In all regions, income plans have been exceeded,” the minister of finance said.

State budget expenditures were executed by 99.5%, republican — by 99.8%, local budgets — by 99.1%. Compared to the same period last year, the percentage of execution at all levels of budgets is higher.

Under the republican budget, expenditures were made in the amount of 3.5 trillion tenge. Non-fulfillment amounted to 7 billion tenge, of which 4 billion tenge are savings. Not utilized — 3 billion tenge.

Local budget expenditures amounted to 1.4 trillion tenge. 13 billion tenge was not executed.

This year, the regions are provided with targeted transfers in the amount of 1.9 trillion tenge. As of April 1, they were allocated 328 billion tenge. Of these, 99.2% have been mastered. Not executed — 2.5 billion tenge, including savings — 0.5 billion tenge, not mastered — 2 billion tenge.

For the 1st quarter of this year office control covered more than 305 thousand public procurement procedures in the amount of 2.9 trillion tenge. 855 audit events were carried out. The audit covered 422 billion tenge of budgetary funds. Financial violations were established in the amount of 52 billion tenge. Violations of 44 billion tenge were eliminated by restoring the supply of goods, providing services and performing work, reimbursing to the budget and reflecting on accounting. To improve and increase the efficiency of the audit objects, 707 recommendations were given.

“The Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2021-2025. implementation of 674 objects is envisaged. During the reporting period, 19 objects were sold and transferred to trust management with the right of subsequent redemption in the amount of 13.6 billion tenge,” Zhamaubayev said.

Nine objects are on sale. 5 objects are directed for liquidation. 641 objects are to be implemented.

These are the results of the execution of public finances for the reporting period.

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