Yeraly Tugzhanov held a meeting of Interdepartmental Group on Combating Drug Crime and Drug Addiction Prevention

Today Deputy Prime Minister Yeraly Tugzhanov chaired a regular meeting of the Interdepartmental Working Group to develop proposals for combating drug crime and preventing drug addiction.

The meeting participants heard reports from members of the working group on the measures taken to combat drug crime and prevent drug addiction, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the current drug situation in the country and the results of the work of the internal affairs bodies in this direction.

Yeraly Tugzhanov especially noted the concern of the country's population about the availability of synthetic types of drugs through social networks, as well as the involvement of young people in the criminal drug environment.

In this regard, the interested state bodies were instructed to take comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of synthetic drugs, including through Internet resources, to stop the flow of drugs from other countries, as well as to intensify preventive work among the population.

It was also instructed to government agencies to hold a month of prevention to combat drug addiction everywhere, with the involvement of government agencies, bloggers, public organizations, volunteers and the media.

In addition, during the meeting, the draft Roadmap for improving measures to combat drug crime and prevent drug addiction for 2022-2023 was approved, which provides for the most pressing issues for the detection and prevention of drug offenses, including those committed using modern technologies, as well as measures to improve registration, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Following the meeting, the heads of state bodies and akimats were given specific instructions to strengthen information work to combat the spread of drugs, prevent drug addiction and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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