Interdepartmental Commission announces security measures to take in case of COVID-19 spread

Today the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov chaired a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Infection in Kazakhstan.

Representatives of central state bodies, heads of regions and representatives of NCE Atameken took part in the work of the Commission.

In her speech, the Minister of Healthcare Azhar Giniyat noted that since mid-June, there has been an increase in COVID-19 infection in the country. Thus, compared with last week, the incidence increased by 2.9 times. The head of the Ministry of Healthcare also informed that up to 80% of cases are unvaccinated or vaccinated more than 6 months ago.

Given the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in the country, the interdepartmental commission to prevent the spread of COVID-19 decided to take the following additional measures if the region enters the yellow zone of epidemiological risk:

  • transfer of close contact persons with the patient to a remote form of work;
  • transfer of employees with absolute contraindications to vaccination against COVID-19 and pregnant women to remote work;
  • mandatory wearing of masks in closed institutions and public transport;
  • recommendation to transfer meetings with more than 10 people to an online format.

Also, regardless of the zone of epidemiological risk, it is recommended to wear masks in air and rail transport, in international bus transportation.

At the end of the meeting, Tugzhanov instructed the leaders of the regions to strengthen the vaccination campaign against coronavirus infection, to take special control over the provision of the necessary personnel, medicines and bed capacities in case the number of cases increases. In addition, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary to strengthen the conduct of high-quality explanatory work among the population.

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